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July 21, 2022

2023 Mothers Day High Tea

Mother’s Day High Tea,

May 13th 10 am Breakfast Tea or 1pm High Tea

May 14th 1pm High Tea Mothers Day.




Enjoy a beautiful afternoon strolling the grounds at Gray Gables Estates and sitting for a handcrafted 3 course tea service

About this event

Beautiful china, clean elegant settings, stunning photo opportunities amongst the pillars, statues, and ivy around the grounds, you can even stop by and see the koi fish for a summer greeting. Come enjoy all we have to offer for an afternoon filled with fine loose teas, lessons on the craft, quaint vendors to peruse, and out of this world service here at Gray Gables Estates. A perfect generational outing for our beautiful mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and aunties on a special day or just to enjoy each others company. Held either out in the garden under the sun or next to the fireplace and under the chandeliers in the rain, we firmly believe here, that there is always time for tea.


Gray Gables Estate

3009 SE Chestnut St.
Portland, OR 97267

Phone: 503.654.0470